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PV Rollout - OTTI e.V., Renewable Energies (Ed.)
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OTTI e.V., Renewable Energies (Ed.):
PV ROLLOUT. European American Solar Deployment Conference. 2011.

Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V. (OTTI), Regensburg, , 1. Auflage, 238 Seiten, kartoniert, DIN A5: 210 x 148 mm
ISBN: 978-3-941785-52-6
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PV Rollout - OTTI e.V., Renewable Energies (Ed.)

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The OTTI e.V., Renewable Energies, organized the PV Rollout European American Solar Deployment Conference in Boston, USA, from 10th until 11th of February 2011. The OTTI e.V., Renewable Energies, belongs to the most respected organizers of symposia, seminares and conferences within the area of renewable energies. The actual proceedings include very interesting manuscripts and poster-presentations. The Chairman of the Forum was Prof. Eicke Weber, Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg, Germany. For it is rather difficult to give a summary of all single contributions, we here present the contents:

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