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Danyel Reiche - Handbook of Renewable Energies in the European Union
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Danyel Reiche (ed.):

Publisher: Verlag Peter Lang, Bern. 2nd completely revised and updated edition, 330 pages, paperback, forewords by Hermann Scheer, Claude Turmes, Stephan Kohler. Incl. DVD "Smart energy policies"
ISBN: 3-631-53560-0
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Danyel Reiche - Handbook of Renewable Energies in the European Union

About the authors
Danyel Reiche is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Environment Policy Research Unit at the Free University of Berlin. He wrote his dissertation about the german debate surrounding an environmental tax reform. In his habilitation he is comparing the policies for promoting renewable energies in some European States.
Contributions to the book were rendered by the following authors: Valentina Dinica, Claudia Grotz, Frede Hvelplund, Nicolas Karapanagiotis, Paul Kellett, Stefan Körner, Stefan Lange, Volkmar Lauber, Isabelle de Lovinfosse, Jyrki Luukkanen, Álvaro Martins, Danyel Reiche, Claude Turmes, Frédéric Varone, Nicholas Vassilakos, Jarmo Vehmas.

About the book (taken from the back cover of the book itself):
This book is the first publication which offers an overview of the renewable energies situation for every member state in the European Union. All 15 country studies have been carried out using the same format. At the beginning of each chapter/case study, a definition of renewable energies is given for the individual country. The starting position in energy policy and the main actors are then described. Next, the instruments for promoting renewable energies are shown and each section concludes with an analysis of current obstacles and conditions for future success. Apart from a comparison of case studies in the introduction, the book gives an overview of the renewable energy policy at the EU level. Finally, a service chapter at the end of the book informs the reader about the most important associations, websites and journals pertinent to the subject matter.

About the book (Dr. Hermann Scheer):
"This handbook will help to overcome information gaps about different states of development and policies. And it will serve as a road map for scientists, policy-decision makers, producers and investors."

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